The world is changing, and so is the way we work. 


By the year 2020, it is projected that nearly half of the American workforce will be working independently including freelancers, temps, contractors and entrepreneurs. This trend has led to the growing need for an alternative workspace for these independent professionals.  Created with this in mind, coworking spaces allow members the opportunity to share workspace, resources, ideas and knowledge without the hassle or commitment of long-term, leased space. 


Located minutes from the beach, The Flamingo House serves as the professional home and creative escape for this growing independent community. We provide creative coworking, studio and conference meeting space in the heart of

Boca Raton’s new, industrial warehouse district. 


The Flamingo House was created out of a basic need for space. Working from our home offices, we felt isolated and noticed our productivity was tapering. As telecommuters and freelancers, we were constantly interrupted by our barking dogs during business calls.  We knew that many creatives in our industry were facing similar issues, so we decided to open The Flamingo House as an affordable and collaborative solution for our community.  Aside from the standard office perks, our members also have access to our in-house studio which really sets us apart. 

In our research we found that in nature, flamingos do better together than they do alone. We believe that people - and businesses - do better together than they do alone and we emulate that same philosophy in our space.