Featured Flamingo- "The Most Interesting Man in the World"

Get ready to meet the guy known around The Flamingo House as “the most interesting man in the world!” Charles Lee has his hands in just about everything - real estate, skin care, even a winery. Not to mention, he recently was a doctor. If he’s not doing a focus group with the flock to test his skincare product or providing us a complimentary wine tasting, he is grinding on many of his other entrepreneurial endeavors. As one of the most engaged and active members of our flock, we wanted to hear Charles’ take on how the The Flamingo House has played a role in his huge success.

One of the greatest benefits of The Flamingo House, according to Charles, is the opportunity to build community with fellow flockers, and use their unique talents to help him grow his business. For one of his latest projects, Charles reached out to in-house artist Ben Heller, better known as BooBooSketch, to collaborate on a 3-story mural for a property renovation Charles is heading up. Charles says, “the goal is to give a unique aspect to the building and allow it to blend in with St. Pete’s artistic and historic atmosphere.” Charles also works with The Flamingo House’s Co-Founder, Amber Tollefson, to utilize her marketing expertise for some of his ventures.

Aside from our awesome members, his private office at The Flamingo House offers Charles some stability in the midst of his crazy travel schedule. He refers to it as both “a great workspace and a second home.” It doesn’t hurt that he gets to bring his service dog, Thor!

This is what we’re all about here at The Flamingo House - getting work done while building an atmosphere of fun, collaboration and community. If this sounds like a vibe you might be interested in, swing by for a tour of our space! If you’re lucky, you might get to meet Charles, the most interesting man alive; and if you’re really lucky, you may get to rub Thor’s belly!

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