Boca Coworking Just Got Better

Sick of that corporate hustle? If you're thinking about leaving that cubicle behind and ditching the 9-5, The Flamingo House wants to help you do it! We've created a variety of membership packages to fit the needs of anyone who wants to step outside the norm and flock together!

Our Membership Options include:

Wingin’ It Day Rate

Just need to wing it for the day, The Flamingo House creative coworking in Boca Raton provides inexpensive office, shared workspace day rates for only $25 - that is a few coffees. We provide coffee, cold brew, tea, water, and kombucha. Coworking is a fluid environment at The Flamingo House. We are pretty convinced you will want to stay, become a member and a part of the flock family for life once you dip your toe in the flamingo lagoon and test the coworking water.

Frequent Flyer

Being a solo entrepreneur is rewarding, but it can be lonely. We totally get that! That’s why The Flamingo House was created - to be a place for digital nomads to come together and create content and community. This is coworking Boca Raton. Our Frequent Flyer membership offers this for just $250/month. Come by M-F 9am-6pm and get some serious work done, surrounded by like-minded individuals who are just as passionate and driven as you! Grab some coffee and take a break in our community garden or take your phone calls on our office skateboard. We’re all about getting work done and having fun doing it.

Black Flamingo (Dedicated Desk)

Totally over the typical 9-5? Us too. Whether you’re a crazy night owl or a total early bird, we want you to have a space to get those creative juices flowing and make big things happen! With our Black Flamingo membership package, which is $450/month, you have 24/7 access to the coworking space so you can get to work anytime, day or night. Come and go as you please, and while you’re here, make sure to take advantage of our complimentary coffee, kombucha, wifi, printer/scanner capabilities, community garden and much more. Creativity doesn’t have a timeline, and neither do we!

Greater Flamingo (Private Office)

If you’re looking for a community of creatives to bounce ideas off of, but you also need your own space, The Flamingo House’s Greater Flamingo membership is for you! These private offices start at $650/month and offer members a fully furnished, closed-glass door, sound controlled private office and access to the coolest flock in town! Enjoy all the benefits of coworking, alongside the privacy and flexibility of your own office space. Swing by for a tour M-F from 9am-6pm and see what we’re all about!

Studio/Brainstorm Box

Calling all creatives! Looking for studio and/or conference space available by the hour? The Flamingo House has you covered! The Brainstorm Box is our fully furnished conference meeting space, ideal for important meetings, or just a quiet place to think. Fly by and check out our videography / film / video studio /photography outfitted with color backdrops, wood-pallete wall, props and professional lighting. Our goal for this space is to provide freelancers, digital nomads, photo-journalists, photographers, videographers, editors, producers and creatives with the means to see their vision come to life!