Where would you like to work everyday? A coffee house? A library? At home? How about a coworking space? Calling all creative, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, basically anybody who needs a cool space to work to get away from the stress at home. YES, places like these exist! Coworking spaces have become very popular in the past decade and as time goes on more and more people are turning to starting up a small business as a career. They say by the year 2020, that 40-50% of the work force will be a freelancer, telecommuter or apart of a small business of some sort.  What does a creative coworking space provide you say? These are offices that provide you a place of quiet comfort and relaxation all while getting your most important business done.  It’s far from your monotonous 9-5 job in a small, dull cubicle.  The environment sparks creativity and collaboration, where if you’re stuck, just talk to one of your friendly neighbors and go from there. The benefits of a coworking space are that you can increase your social circles, be more productive, expand your business network, spark creativity, and feel more motivated. Coworking offices in Palm Beach County is a fairly new concept but when put in action, the space will help your business thrive in ways that local Pompano, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth residents could not have imagined. The question is where can you find one of these spaces? Well, look no further my friend, The Flamingo House can fit your needs. 

Flock, then fly.  That is the philosophy.  In nature, flamingos do better together than they do alone.  Collaborating, having a style space & pop up agency, creatives within a design district and a studio is what makes The Flamingo House unique compared to the others. The Flamingo House was just voted as one of the most trendy offices in east Boca and Delray.  Join a comfortable environment that will tailor to your every need as a freelancer, entrepreneur, creative, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, artist, or someone who needs a work space to do independent work. You are not alone, collaborate with others of similar industries in an open, creative office lease tailored to make your work the most successful it can be. This creative office space is located on the industrial edge of the Pink City in east Boca Raton, Florida. Located 1 mile from Spanish River beach, this is one of the few coworking spaces that is near an ocean.  Not only is the beach just a jog away, a new brewery is next door to The Flamingo House!  This is definitely where you can beat writer’s block with a run to the beach or get your creative juices flowing by grabbing a beer or cold brew coffee next door at Prosperity Brewery.  Let’s be real, a beer beats any long day.

The Flamingo House’s goal is to help local businesses grow and creative professionals flourish. This is a cool space to rent that provides speedy Wi-Fi, the best coffee in Boca (featuring local roaster, Wells Coffees), water, tea, free printing, scanner, and the best of all people to exchange ideas with.  This space offers an industrial ambience coupled with simple, minimalistic furniture and a creative vibe.  This urban oasis will allow you to check your stress at the door.  Ideal for the independent workforce, the in-house studio and private meeting rooms will give you the tools you need to fly.  This also serves as a community meet-up and event space in East Boca Raton which also sells retails shirts and hats.  And the branding is on point.  Florida has a wealth of freelancers, telecommuters, photographers, videographers, writers, artists, non profits, innovators and makers of your craft.  The prime office location in a hidden gem of a community design district in East Boca, allows you to be apart of a local spot.  The Eire Company and Urban Roc has a variety of design tenants and has grown an artist district in east Boca Raton, different than what you are used to.  The Flamingo House has everything you need and more. In addition to the office space, they provide a conference room where if you need to have a business meeting and do not want it in your living room, you can rent that brainstorm box out for a very affordable price. The conference room provides a smart television where you can also video chat with anyone around the country.  Are you an artist that needs space?  The Flamingo House provides an art studio as well where you can have your own privacy to create works of art that’s not at home with a barking dog.  Photographers and videographers are provided a studio to take pictures and produce videos. This studio has different color full body backdrops, wood walls, lighting and equipment included to help optimize your work and make the process easier for you. The great thing about The Flamingo House is that it is an inexpensive office space and studio, so if you are just a start up, you won’t have to worry about your pockets being emptied out before you can put in real work. 

There are three main coworking memberships that you can choose from at The Flamingo House. The first one is if you’re “Wingin' It” which is for the the casual coworker traveling or just wanting to test out the waters at the shared workspace for the day for $25. You will be provided super speed wifi, printer and scanner capabilities, and beverages such as tea, water, kombucha, and coffee. The space you will be working in is fully furnished with ergonomic furniture and a private phone booth. The next package is called the “Frequent Flyer,” where you are provided all the same amenities as the first package but you have full access to the coworking space Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm. In addition, you will receive two hours of studio or conference space per month. Need more time in the studio or conference room? Don’t worry with this package you are able to receive a discount on both in addition to a dedicated Boca Raton office mailing address. Being one of these members only costs $300 per month and gets you into the coolest member only events. The best space scenario is called the “Black Flamingo,” which is the most ideal value for coworking in Boca Raton. You can set up an office to brand your own desk, come whenever 24/7 access and have your own personal Boca mailing address as well. Also with this membership, you will receive 8 hours studio and conference space to work with your team when space is available. Similar to the “Frequent Flyer” package you will get a discounted rate on the studio and conference space and invites to exclusive events to The Flamingo House. 

Come be apart of our talented, driven, focused, free-spirted, insightful and collaborative flock.  Enjoy the business success you have always dreamed of, while expanding your network and meeting new, cool people. Feel more motivated, creative, and most of all boost your self-confidence. The Flamingo House is home to creatives.  We are creative individuals and hard-working, young professionals.  Coworking in Palm Beach County and south Florida just got a bit more interesting with this Boca Raton coworking location.  This is a creative office space for lease which gives you the chance to work by the beach, cowork by a brewery, be involved with the community and a cool working environment, have wifi in boca, take advantage of an event space to rent, flex desk to rent, coffee place in Boca, voice over booth rental, video rental, studio rental, photography rental, voice over booth rental and a place to just create work.  This is not corporate, has a marketing and branding agency, a creative arts community and allows you more work, life and play balance.  Schedule your tour at The Flamingo House to secure your east Boca office rental.  Remember we start out as a flock but we will never stop you from flying. Some birds aren’t meant to be caged; their feathers are just too bright.