Home to our Frequent Flyer and Black Flamingo members. The Alley provides shared coworking space, as well as dedicated desks. A best space scenario for the creative elite looking to elevate their business to the next level.

Plug in. Power up. And get stuff done.

Private closed-door office space for the playful professional. Home to our Greater Flamingo members, offices come fully-equipped with desk, chair, lamp and acoustical paneling.

Our private video production and photography studio includes:

  • 3-point lighting including fill, key, backlight, ring light, tripod, cords and sandbags

  • Interchangeable backdrops (blue, grey, pink, green, white, or wood paneling)

  • Concierge welcome

  • Private entrance, with garage door access


Plus all member perks! All you need is your camera. Point and shoot!


A private conference room where ideas take flight.



The Flamingo’s makerspace. Get messy. Get creative.


Step away from the screen and flush out that next big idea on the whiteboard.